''A delirious journey of the self...ish''

A short film written and directed by Balthazar Klarwein

Featuring Joey del Negro, Gray Sorrenti, Zico Judge, Sabrina Sideki, Marina Ontanaya, Aaliyah Rosales, Lotte Josefine Virnich, Nadine Koupaei, Chloe Graham, Bella Rose, Salvador Klarwein, William Pine, Gloria Fein Makkink, the whole Deia family and so many more...


Joey, works as a waiter for a hedonistic community of summer holiday makers in a small Mediterranean paradise. It is unclear if their exaggerated behaviors are due to the fact that the summer is coming to an end or if its just the last of their summers...

Executive Producer Zico Judge
Produced by Bibi Lacroix

Director of Photography - Adrià Cañameras
Art Director - Tamara Pérez Duran
Costume designers - Beatriz Rayo, Bukonla Ebiesuwa
Casting Director - Nadine Koupaei
Make Up Artist - Teresa Alamillo

Editors - Balthazar Klarwein, Bernat Granados Tusell

1st AD - Cristina Manzanares
Production Coordinator - Martí Resta
1st Assistant Camera - Anxo Casal
2nd Assistant Camera - Jordi Rullan, Manu Lopez
Gaffer - Daniel Vázquez
Spark - Riduan El Kihal Lakhal
Sound & Boom - Carles Prats @ Angel Sound Studio
1st AD fill in - Dani Torrejón
2nd AD - Tessa Rose Von Erlach
On Set Photographer - Nadine Koupaei
Art Assistants - Tamara Katrina Lloyd-Cox, Candela Baena Vega, Lisa Hertzog, Carla Galmes
Make up Assistant - Teresa Salas
Storyboards - Anton Jaspard Mandy
Goat Wrangler - Amaro Alonso Ball & Anton Jaspard
Chefs - Abraham Garcia, Jordi Ramone, Amaro Alonso Ball, Sete Servera
Mallorca Permits - B Locations

Sound Design - Miquel Mestres @ Angel Sound Studio

Credits and title designer - Martin Mur

Color Grade - Julia Rossetti

Production Assistants
Charlie Pope
Jordu Rullan
Quentin Theander
Sete Servera Vidal
Sol Conway
Estella Alonso
Cassie Wallace
Giacomo Ricci de Castro
Nina Hudson
Chris Hudson

Original music compositions by
Miquel Mestres @ Angel Sound Studio
Ekhi Lopetegui @ Studio EL

Featuring music by
Richard Wagner
The Mauskovic Dance Band

Trailer music by Rupert Clervaux and Adri Adàn

All shot on Kodak 16mm film processed at Cinelab London Ltd.

Special Thanks to: Zico Judge, Nadine Koupaei, Laure Klarwein, Susana Gracia y Familia Can Fussimany, Olivier Frapier, Elena Rotger, Sara Ball, Julia Virose, Ajuntament de Deia, Palma Pictures, Palma Equipment Rental, Ella Ackroyd, Nimshu, Tom, Geoff, Vigo, Ugo and Martin and all the children of the future who appear in this film and every single one of you who acted, danced, laughed, cried, helped and participated in the making of this film.

And to the landscape of our beloved Mallorca.

''This was meant to be a film about the last summer before the end of the world, it ended up being a film about the end of an era...''

Shot on location in Deia, Majorca, Spain during the summer holidays of 2019.

Balthazar Klarwein © 2021